Intensive Phonological Awareness Program Webinar Workshop (7 sessions, Feb – May 2022)

The Child Language and Literacy Lab (Director: C. Melanie Schuele, PhD) is current running a 7-session webinar workshop on the Intensive Phonological Awareness Program. This workshop is designed to help you grow your skills in providing phonological awareness intervention using the Intensive Phonological Awareness Program.

Register for the workshop (FREE) and get more information:

The series begins on February 28 and sessions will run about every two weeks. You can earn ASHA CE or receive a certificate of attendance.

Session # 2 Overview of IPA Program and Putting your Box together

Today in session #2 I provided an overview of the IPA Program to orient everyone. The technology did not work so well when I did the live presentation and so I re-recorded. I think the problem was recording to the cloud. There were several questions posted in the chat and I will post those on this blog and answer them as the week goes on. At the end of the session, I suggested that you put together you box for just the rhyme unit. I’ll post a video sometime this week to show you how I have mine organized. There are at least two options – you can organize your box by units or by weeks. Suffice it to say, if you do by units, there will be less cutting, by weeks, more cutting. More thoughts on when I walk you through my box.

Session 1: What do I need to know to do phonological awareness intervention?

In this session we flew through lots of background information that we’ll come back to throughout the next 6 sessions. In this first session, I did not take questions during the presentation – simply because there was a lot of information to cover. About 16 joined synchronously and so that means there will be a lot of asynchronous participation. Do you have any questions or comments?

What is phonological awareness?

What is phonological awareness? Phonological awareness is the ability to analyze the sound structure of language. Phonemic awareness is a subset of phonological awareness – a phonemic awareness task requires a child to isolate or produce individual sounds in words. I developed this handout to help educators and parents understand phonological awareness. When you download this handout, you have permission to share it with educators and teachers in its current form (i.e., do not alter the handout).

Intensive Phonological Awareness Program, published by Brookes Publishing!

Naomi and I are excited that an updated version of the IPA Program will be published by Brookes, available in July:

We developed the IPA Program in the late 1990s as Naomi’s masters thesis project. After a few trial runs, we distributed a version of the curriculum ourselves. This version was very well received and used widely in schools in West Virginia … as well as by SLPs and other educators across the US. And now, the revised version will be published by Brookes. What is the same? the sequence of sessions, the scope and sequence, the format of the sessions. What is new? revisions to the picture materials, revisions to a few activities, much more detailed session plans that provide lots of guidance for implementation, several chapters that orient the instructor.

We are so so excited to finally see this in print! What a project, what a journey! And we are excited to have this blog to share information about the program.