Intensive Phonological Awareness Program, published by Brookes Publishing!

Naomi and I are excited that an updated version of the IPA Program will be published by Brookes, available in July:

We developed the IPA Program in the late 1990s as Naomi’s masters thesis project. After a few trial runs, we distributed a version of the curriculum ourselves. This version was very well received and used widely in schools in West Virginia … as well as by SLPs and other educators across the US. And now, the revised version will be published by Brookes. What is the same? the sequence of sessions, the scope and sequence, the format of the sessions. What is new? revisions to the picture materials, revisions to a few activities, much more detailed session plans that provide lots of guidance for implementation, several chapters that orient the instructor.

We are so so excited to finally see this in print! What a project, what a journey! And we are excited to have this blog to share information about the program.

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