The Intensive Phonological Awareness Program (IPA Program) is a standard treatment protocol for small group intervention in phonological awareness. We initially developed in the late 1990s and self-published the this program in 1998. We further refined the program and Brookes Publishing published this revision in 2014 The Intensive Phonological Awareness (IPA) Program ( Purchasers of the IPA Program receive the book and access to picture files to print out intervention materials and audio files to support implementation (e.g., examples of target words segmented into sounds).

The IPA Program can be utilized as a Tier 2, Tier 3, or special education intervention. We designed the program for kindergarten and first grade children who are not gaining sufficient phonological awareness skills from classroom instruction. The program is appropriate also for older children in special education who are working at a kindergarten or first grade academic level. The IPA Program develops a foundation of phonological awareness necessary for children to benefit from word decoding and word spelling instruction.